Android Apps Source code Full Free

Android app Source Code for free

Nowadays, the development of Android apps has become a fashion. The main reason for this is that Android app development is just as easy and convenient as there is a huge opportunity to earn income. This is one of the reasons why most of the work that developers are interested in learning in online media at present is that most people are interested in learning how to develop Android apps. Here are Some Android Apps Source code Full FREE.

If you are lucky enough to be able to develop an app after working hard for a few days and if the interface of the app is good then if the general public likes it or if the user gets the benefit of using the app then that one app can change your whole career. With an app you can just sit and count money for the rest of your life. Here today we will give you the source code of several Android apps. You can generate a huge amount of money from those that you modify a little, that is, design a little like yourself, arrange it and publish it in Play Store or any kind of App Store. Today we will give you the complete source code of five Android apps. The source codes are given below one by one. You can Download from here.


1. Live streaming Android Apps source code Full Free

This source code will be very useful to you. With this source code you can create a live streaming app that allows anyone from different places to participate live on any topic. Live streaming on YouTube channel Live streaming can be done on various platforms including Facebook through this app. All you have to do is download and change its package name app icon. In the meantime, wherever you want to use ads, you can use ads from your Admob or any type of app store or any other platform, you will put all the unit IDs here.

2. Newsmaker Android Apps Source code Full Free
It allows you to create any one news app. It can be any kind of news or sports news health news international news or national news any kind of a news app you can create through it. This source code also covers all types of news including how to publish news, maintenance category, create category, create news publishing. You just have to be more discriminating with the help you render toward other people. You will then decide for yourself where you want to place the ad in this app or you will put the unit IDs in the place of the ad. The price of these news maker apps is 1000 to 15 hundred rupees in the market. But is giving you completely free. Hopefully using the resource code will benefit you and help you find a better way to generate money. You can Download this source code from here.

3. YouTube Player Source code
Here you will find the source code for the Gents Cot, which is made entirely for a YouTube video player, and the YouTube player source code is similar to a YouTube interface. The apps for the YouTube video player that we are giving you or the apps that you will create here will be very high quality apps. 

The main reason is that a lot of dynamic code has been used here and these source codes are very nicely created with high quality language. There is nothing to be afraid of. You don’t have to do any work here. You just input your data here and in this source code you will change the app identity along with the package name of the app. You can Download this source code from here. We have several more source codes that you can follow if you wish.

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