News App Source code For Android with Admin panel Setup

Android Best Earning Apps Source Code With Admin Panel

The source code that you see here is the source code of a news app. Through the source code, you can create news apps of a newspaper. Here is a complete news apps source code. And how to put in it and the ads are completely placed in the test ads. You just edit the test and put the ads in your Google Admob account.

Also you must know that if you don’t know how to change the package and app name of an app then we have many more apps and we have included in these apps how to change the package name. You can leave the app by changing the apps package and the apps name of the apps and changing its icons. From where you can earn millions of rupees.

In addition to these apps, you can see the other source codes that we have. Also, if you think that you can create a little better quality extreme level apps, then you can definitely see our paid apps, which we are giving you at a nominal price. At our low cost you will get source code of some very good quality apps which can change your life. I don’t think you’ll find such a source code on any other platform.

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In order to publish this news app on Play Store, you must have a good name and upload some news inside and this app will show you how to publish news here regularly. Click here to download the app.

Android Best Earning Apps Source Code

If you consider the number of apps you will get for earning on the online platform, then these are nothing compared to the apps that we will give you now. The apps that you get from us are extremely extreme level apps. With the app we provide you with the admin panel. With this app you can earn money by spinning or by doing and you can maintain them even if you have many customers here and you can identify each one individually regardless of the number of users. And you can see in detail from the admin panel who has completed how many tasks and who has done how much work. The video streaming system in this app is much better than other apps.

There is a spinning system and there is a system of playing games as well as math solving and earning. In this app you will be able to work with a very large amount of traffic and even if the number of users is high, it will not be difficult to do any kind of work in the app. All you have to do is download the app from here and you will add the packages and services of this app to what you want to give inside these apps. The complete settings are done properly. And you can save from here how much work you want to take against the user and how much money the user will get if he works. And if the user wants, bKash Rocket will be able to make payment through any type.

I hope you find it useful. If you go to purchase this app from other marketplaces, then the purchase price of this app will cost you at least 4 to 5 thousand rupees. But we are taking only 300 rupees from you. The fact that we are taking less money from you does not mean that our app is a little inferior to the apps available on other platforms. We are trying to provide you the products at a nominal price.

Inside the documentation, where to change the apps, everything is given in the form of screenshots and you can change the settings from there. If you have any problems with the admin panel in this app then you can get help from our youtube channel by entering the link given here and it shows in detail how you can set up admin panel in this app and all kinds of changes including changing package name. Everything is shown in detail. We also have other apps that you can see …Click Here

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