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Huawei CRS-B19S Band 5 Smart Watch Global



  • Model: CRS-B19S Honor Band 5
  • 0.95 Inch (2.41cms) AMOLED Touch Large Color Screen
  • Scientific Sleep Monitoring
  • Heart Rate Monitoring
  • 5ATM 50 meters water-resistant
  • No Warranty

Huawei CRS-B19S Band 5 Smart Watch Global


Basic Information

Display: 0.95 Inch (2.41 cms) AMOLED Touch Large Color Screen: Adjustable screen brightness, dynamic and vivid display;
Resolution: 240 x 120
Battery: Battery Capacity: 100mAh
Working Time: About 14 days
Standby Time: About 20 days
Charging Time: About 1.5 hours
Connectivity: Bluetooth 4.2, compatible with 4.0/4.1 (Max connection distance 10m)
Material: Silica

Special Features
Operating Mode: Touch Screen
Compatible OS: Android 4.4 or above, iOS 9.0 or above
Charging Type: Magnet Dock Charging
Band Length: 115mm+107mm

Dimension: 4.3 x 1.7 x 1.2 cm
Weight: 22.7 g
Color: Midnight Navy Blue

Warranty Information
Warranty: No warranty


Huawei CRS-B19S Band 5 Smart Watch Global

This is Huawei CRS-B19S Honor Band 5 Standard interpretation so it’s without NFC function. It has a new blood oxygen discovery function, which isn’t available in other products, you need to download the honor sports app connection with the device and use it. Due to the environmental differences in the outfit, we can not guarantee that the monitoring of blood oxygen situations is 100 accurate. Huawei reserves the right to modernize the product without fresh notice. This Watch’s display is features with0.95 Inch (2.41 cms) AMOLED Touch Large Color Screen which has Malleable screen brilliance, dynamic and pictorial display; home button control, Belt clip design makes band forcefully attached to wrist. It has Multiple Watch Faces; Remote Control Camera ( only available on Huawei/ Honor EMUI8.1 bias or latterly) and it’s Long buttress time is about over to 14 days and saves time on frequent charging. This smart watch has Multiple Sports Modes; Supports Out-of-door and Inner Run, Walking, Inner and Outdoor Cycling, Pool Syncope and Training Colorful Exercises Types.

This is also features with 5ATM 50 measures water-resistant. Swimming Posture Recognition 6-Axis detector recognizes main strokes, Records speed, distance, number of turns, calories, average SWOLF, and other data. You can Tracking and Monitoring your Diurnal Conditioning and Step count, calories burned, distance covered, moderate to high- intensity conditioning duration and standing status, target setting and achievement memorial. This Smart watch has Smart Assistant and Notification Reminders like – Sandglass and timekeeper; Find your phone; Alarm memorial ( including smart and event admonitions); Frequenter ID, SMS, e-mail, Weather Reports, Timetable and Social Apps. This smart watch has Scientific Sleep Monitoring system. Then the True Sleep allows sleep status recognition, collection and assaying data with RAM 384 KB| ROM 1 MB| PSRAM 8M| Flash 32 MB Storage. The SpO2 Examiner for Everyone, the HONOR Band 5’s SpO2 Examiner tracks oxygen achromatism situations in the bloodstream so you can assess how your body is conforming during exercises or at high mound. This smart watch has Smart Music & Volume Controls.


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