What is Computer?

Computer, desktop computer,desktop computer specification

Computers are one of the most widely used devices for speeding up and completing tasks in today’s world. There are very few people in today’s world who have no idea about computers. Everyone knows that a computer can complete any task very quickly. In today’s topic we will try to tell you in detail what computer is, how computer works: how many types of computer, how many parts of computer are there and what is used for computer in today’s discussion. Hopefully after reading this content in full we will expand your idea about computer.

What is Computer?

A computer is a special kind of device that uses it to give results according to instructions. This means that the computer user gives it a complete result by processing the data according to the instructions given to it. Computer users agree to provide results by processing information quickly, which is why it is called a computer.

The invention of the computer:
Charles Babbage was the first to invent an instrument in 822. At that time it was named Differential Engine. Which is now called a computer. Charles Babbage, the inventor of the device, has been called the father of computers.

Computer, desktop computer, computer specification

Computer Part:
Computers are basically divided into two parts – hardware and software. Hardware is the structural feature of a computer called hardware and software is the guiding medium for managing parts of this hardware. Hardware without software is like an iron box, that is, the computer is considered an iron box. No work can be done by computer without software. Similarly software does not work if there is no hardware. So the key part of a computer is that the hardware and software automatically prepares a computer to deliver its own results.

What is hardware?
Hardware is the external structure of a computer that we see, that is, the structural features that make up a combination of different devices is hardware. Hardware components are: CPU, monitor, hard disk, casing, processor, motherboard, graphics card, LAN card, cooling fan, etc. All the parts except the monitor are connected to the CPU.

Computer type:
Although there are several types of computers in the world, only two types of computers are used in Bangladesh. Laptop computers and desktop computers. There are also other models of computers around the world, including supercomputer hybrid computers. Which are used in satellites or nuclear power plants.

Desktop computer:
So far we know about computers, this time we will get a little idea about desktop computer. Computers and desktop computers are the same thing. It is called desktop computer because it can be easily operated by placing it on the desk. Its official name is Microcomputer. Desktop computers are made by microprocessors, which is why it is called a microcomputer. Desktop computers are mainly used for office-court hospital businesses or for large mega projects. The work of video editing graphics is as simple as the work of large software desktop computers are used in these cases. The desktop computer basically consists of two parts: Hardware and software. Parts of the hardware are basically set up between the monitor and the CPU. The CPU is connected via cables to the motherboard, micro processor hard disk, cooling fan, graphics card, DVD, floppy disk, etc.

Use of desktop computer:
Internet access, playing games, doing various office work, watching videos, listening to music, entering various medicines, doing various important work in the hospital, entering the names of school and college students, communicating from one place to another, making video calls, various Desktop computers are used for many more things, including testing applications, developing web, doing business, developing applications, editing videos, creating animations, working on graphics, and more.

Laptop computer:

A laptop computer is a very small computer. Which can be carried by hand. It can be easily carried from one place to another. And work can be done in any situation sitting anywhere. Laptops don’t take up too much space. And laptop computer rechargeable. Even if there is no power supply anywhere, the batteries in it can also be used for a long time. Laptop computers are commonly used for a number of purposes including accounting, computing, file delivery, internet access, data transfer, saving results, listening to music, watching videos, playing games.

However, it can be said that no heavy work can be done with a laptop computer. This is because the laptop computer is made up of tiny diodes and resistors that heat up without taking too much pressure, and have the potential to shut down. Also the processor used in the laptop computer is similar to the processor of a mobile, it can be called a mobile processor. That is why laptop computers have problems in storing and processing large files.

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